Travelling the World: A Journey of Music and Adventure

Join us as we take you on a whirlwind tour around the world, sharing our experiences and adventures as a renowned acappella group. From performing for royalty to winning prestigious awards, our journey is filled with unforgettable moments.

Travelling the World

Our group has had the incredible opportunity to travel and perform in various countries across the globe. We have entertained audiences in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and even the United Kingdom. Each destination brought its own unique charm and cultural experiences that enriched our performances.

When we arrived in Zambia, we were greeted with warm hospitality and a vibrant music scene. The locals embraced our acappella harmonies and we were invited to perform at local festivals and cultural events. We were humbled by the appreciation and support we received from the Zambian audience.

In Botswana, we had the privilege of collaborating with local musicians and exploring the rich traditional music of the country. The fusion of our acappella style with the rhythmic beats of Botswana created a truly unique and mesmerizing musical experience.

Namibia, with its breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures, provided the perfect backdrop for our performances. We sang under the starry desert skies and shared our music with the Namibian people, leaving a lasting impression on both us and our audience.

South Africa, a country known for its vibrant music scene, welcomed us with open arms. We performed in iconic venues such as the Nelson Mandela Theatre in Johannesburg and the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. The energy and enthusiasm of the South African audience fueled our performances, making them truly unforgettable.

Swaziland, a small kingdom with a rich cultural heritage, was a particularly special destination for us. We had the honor of performing for the Swazi King Mswati on his birthday celebration and the Swaziland independence celebrations. It was an honor to showcase our talent in front of royalty and be part of such momentous occasions.

Felix group

Lesotho, also known as the "Kingdom in the Sky," provided us with a unique performance experience. We sang in the beautiful mountains and valleys, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of this landlocked country. The warmth and appreciation of the Lesotho people made our performances truly memorable.

Lastly, our journey took us to the United Kingdom, where we had the opportunity to perform in renowned venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London. Sharing our music in such prestigious venues was a dream come true and a testament to our dedication and hard work.

Performing for Royalty

One of the highlights of our journey was the privilege of performing for the Swazi King Mswati on his birthday celebration and the Swaziland independence celebrations. It was an honor to showcase our talent in front of royalty and be part of such momentous occasions. The atmosphere was electric as we sang our hearts out, knowing that our music was reaching not only the king but also the entire nation.

Our performance was met with thunderous applause and enthusiastic cheers from the audience. It was a moment of pride and accomplishment for our group, knowing that our hard work and dedication had paid off. We were grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a historic event and to contribute to the cultural celebrations of Swaziland.

Local Celebrations and Recognitions

Back ""Home"" in Zimbabwe, we have been fortunate to be part of various local celebrations and events. We have featured in the Unity Gala celebrations, entertaining the nation with our harmonies and uplifting performances. The Unity Gala is a celebration of Zimbabwean culture and unity, and we were honored to be chosen as ambassadors of our country's music.

In addition to the Unity Gala, we have also been invited to perform at public and private functions, weddings, and even participated in the MISS Zimbabwe pageant. These opportunities allowed us to showcase our talent to a wider audience and connect with people from different walks of life.

Our dedication and passion for acappella music have been recognized and rewarded. In 2003, we were honored to receive the N.A.M.A (National Arts Music Awards) for the Best Acappella Zimbabwean Music Group. This recognition further motivated us to continue pushing boundaries and creating exceptional music.

A short video of Amazulu acappella music taken at the Big Tree in Victoria Falls from Youtube (you may have to accept cookies again and reload the page to watch it! )

Music Crossroads Competitions

As a group, we have also participated in the prestigious Music Crossroads competitions. These competitions brought together talented musicians from different countries, allowing us to showcase our skills and learn from other artists. The experience was not only a platform for growth but also an opportunity to connect with fellow musicians and create lasting friendships.

Through the Music Crossroads competitions, we were able to expand our musical horizons and explore different genres and styles. We learned from the best in the industry and gained valuable insights into the global music scene. The competitions pushed us to constantly improve and innovate, as we strived to stand out among the talented participants.

Our journey as an acappella group has been nothing short of extraordinary. The memories we've made, the people we've met, and the music we've shared have shaped us into the performers we are today. We look forward to continuing our musical journey and bringing joy to audiences around the world.